Substudy 2 – Learning from the past. Differentiated practice through the years

The main focus of this substudy is the learning history method. Pieterbas Lalleman and Lisette Schoonhoven, in collaboration with PhD candidate Dieke Martini and public historian Hugo Schalkwijk, examine task differentiation in nursing care, both now and in the past. They map out important moments over the past 30 years and link these to current development requirements in the Dutch nursing profession. They will also record a learning history with respect to differentiated nursing practice in a number of hospitals. The researchers expect this to illustrate the various ideas, visions, successes and efforts of all those involved within these institutions. The conclusion of each study and the dissemination of the results will take the form of podcasts and a written learning history. The podcasts could serve as a basis for further talks within and outside the hospitals in order to facilitate learning about differentiated practice.  

Pieterbas Lalleman

Pieterbas Lalleman is an organisational sociologist with an interest in leadership and the history of nursing and healthcare practice. He works as a senior researcher/lector at Fontys. He also works as a nurse for Buurtzorg (community care), as a long-term care supervisor, and is Chair of the Dutch Professional Nurses Organisation (V&VN) history department. 

Lisette Schoonhoven

Lisette Schoonhoven is Professor of Nursing Science at the University Medical Center Utrecht. Her research focuses on the quality and safety of nursing care. She also conducts research on implementation , and is programme leader in Nursing Science for the Master’s degree programme in Clinical Health Sciences at Utrecht University.

Dieke Martini

Dieke Martini is a nurse, lecturer in nursing at Fontys, and a medical anthropologist. As part of RN2Blend, she focuses on writing learning histories about differentiated practice, leadership and positioning of nurses from various perspectives. She links the results of these to the current development requirements in the Dutch nursing profession. 

Hugo Schalkwijk

Hugo Schalkwijk is a public historian specialised in the history of nursing. He is affiliated with Fontys as a researcher. He also works as an adviser to the Historical College FNI (Florence Nightingale Institute) at the Dutch professional nurses organisation V&VN, where he is in charge of the online  museum of the history of nursing and care. 

Mirko Noordegraaf

Mirko Noordegraaf is Professor of Public Management at Utrecht University’s Department of Management and Organisational Sciences (USBO), and vice-dean of Social Impact at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (REBO). He also fulfils roles including project manager for various academic advisory projects and Chair of the Dutch National Association of Public Administration (VB). 

Manon Parry

Manon S. Parry, PhD, is a medical historian and exhibition curator. She is Professor of Medical History at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a lecturer in American Studies and public history at the University of Amsterdam. She also heads the MA programme in History: Medical and Health Humanities aan de VU Amsterdam en het Pulse Network for Health Humanities. Parry is interested in the role of material culture in the history of nursing and integrating objects and their history into nursing education.

Jet Spits

Jet Spits is publiekshistoricus met een focus op medische geschiedenis. Aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen werkt zij aan een PhD over ervaringen van mensen met tuberculose verpleegd in Nederlandse sanatoria. Binnen RN2Blend verbindt zij inzichten uit medisch-historisch onderzoek naar het verleden van de verpleegkunde met de vormgeving van verpleegkundig leiderschap in het heden en de toekomst.


Tijdlijn functiedifferentiatie

Onderzoeker Hugo Schalkwijk ontwikkelde een online, doorzoekbare tijdbalk waarop de meest cruciale momenten van de geschiedenis rondom functiedifferentiatie staan. 

Bekijk de tijdlijn.

RN2Blend TV: Geschiedenis van functiedifferentiatie

In de tweede aflevering van RN2Blend TV namen onderzoekers Hugo Schalkwijk en Pieterbas Lalleman kijkers mee in de lange geschiedenis van gedifferentieerde inzet van verpleegkundigen. Zij presenteerden een online, doorzoekbare tijdbalk waarop de meest cruciale momenten van de geschiedenis rondom functiedifferentiatie staan. 


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